The Mighty Stu, a competitive bodybuilder, often talks about how he eats a Poptart or 2 after an intense lift, which is similar to Surge Recovery (sugar, fast acting carbs, etc…). I realize that poptarts are “crap” food, and not designed specifically for muscle recovery - but is there some method to Stu’s madness? I like to gather a lot of info from the other forums, then fact check those ideas over in the V-Life section.

A lot of bodybuilders use the idea of “bulking” as an excuse to eat shit, which I DEFINATELY have done…PS have you ever tried carb cycling? I’m thinking about keeping my “low” days around 50-90g carbs, baseline around 150-175g carb, and one high day of 250-300g carbs. I’ve done the V-Diet, and this is part of my newest expirement. Also, my current exercise program ( is high volume, and I need carbs to keep up…I get my carbs from oats, blueberries, and fruit on occasion - and all carbs are ingested during meal 1, para workout, and next meal…the rest of the day is pro, fat and green veggies! I love your recipes, and I can’t wait to read your daily posts everyday

PS Is PB2 really worth buying? I bought Walden Farms pb and it was AWFUL!

  1. Most non-steroid users who do the Pop Tart thing end up fat with food addictions. There are ways to get a good post-training effect without adding garbage to your body. (Surge Recovery etc.) Remember, V-Life cares about long-term health too, not just looking jacked temporarily.

  2. Carb cycling can work fine. The V-Diet does this to an extent, and so does the Pulse Fast. Though I would never recommend high carb days to someone who’s already overweight. My “high” days would not be all that high, generally speaking. Most people only “think” they need high carbs.

  3. PB2 is a nice way of getting peanut butter with far fewer calories. Great for recipes too. Not cheap, but not ridiculous either.

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