Plotting First HSM. is This Too Much?


im on day 4 of my V-Diet and yesterday i was STARVING!!! the shakes were like water, they did nothing, i honestly felt like saying fuck this diet! im good now though and im planning my first HSM which will be on saturday.

my first HSM will be on saturday and heres what i have in mind.

i want to make chicken fajitas

16oz raw chicken breast, will yield 12oz cooked chicken breast(too much?) marinaded in cilantro,lemon juice, red pepper, chili pepper, cumin, onion powder

grilled onion, tomatoes, jalepenos, sweet peppers, in 2 tablespoons of EVOO

a bowl of broccoli about 6 oz

an ENORMOUS bowl of lettuce

100 grams of cooked rice

300 grams of strawberries.

i get the feeling this is too much. i also thought about using steak instead of chicken but im not sure which kind of steak to use. i love skirt steak but thats a pretty fatty cut. i also want to have this for breakfast.


also note the day after HSM i will be doing a pulse fast.


That meal sounds fine. Many V-Dieters get full faster than they think when they have their HSMs.