Please Sell Me On Plazma

I’ve been highly debating whether to purchase Plazma or not.

In what ways is Plazma superior to a basic mix and do you guys think it’s worth the price?

define ‘basic mix’

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define ‘basic mix’[/quote]

A supplemental that eliminates or mostly reduces muscle soreness allowing me to train more often is priceless!!

I’m interested in learning more about Plazma as well.

The <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma store page gets into the formula details. Just click “label” and you can compare the ingredients, amounts, etc. with other products. But basically, Plazma is “upgraded,” pro-level workout nutrition, the culmination of at least a decade of formulating specialized workout drinks. We used to have to mix two or three supplements together to equal what’s in the Plazma formula.

Also, here’s some of the feedback I’ve collected. You can find all these folks here on the forums:

I tried the Plazma for this morning’s session. I really don’t know what’s better: the pump during the workout, or the way it feels as the day goes on! I feel full and pumped throughout the day in all the right places. And my arms are still pumped about six hours after my workout. When I got home from the gym, I had to show my wife how pumped I was. She said that it was starting to look like my head was so small it didn’t belong to my body anymore. So, I mean, that pretty much says it all right there! - Serge A. Storms

Guys, I’ve been taking Plazma for 4 months. I’m not even joking: the results I’ve seen are insane. You’ll love it. Two inches up on my chest measurements, and my caliper measurements show I’m down in body fat. Plazma is better than Anaconda. The pump is insane and recovery is even better. - Justin Negrete

Here’s what I can tell you: it works. Insane pumps without feeling bloated at all. Recovery is much smoother, and recovery between sets and exercises is great. I go pretty damn hard with John Meadows and don’t feel beat up! Plazma works better than anything else I’ve tried. – zraw

Hi Chris,

I was just wondering if you could pass on my appreciation to Tim Patterson and the Biotest Team for the privilege of using Plazma before its release. It feels like I’m gifted again! My work capacity is through the roof, strength is going up and I might even start to look like I train if this continues. There might just be one problem… when I think I’ve reached breaking point, I fuel up and do it all again the next day.


Wow! My recovery on Plazma has improved so much. Usually after trap bar work, my upper back, glutes, and quads get sore. But this morning? None! I believe in Plazma and will continue to use it in the future! – dlee34

I feel like I can do anything on Plazma. I feel like my working weight goes up 10% every workout, and well, it actually has! – Hip Scar

I previously used Anaconda for six months and loved it. Now I’m using Plazma and my work capacity is markedly higher. In contrast to this same session from last week, I was able to do at least one more rep per set and one more set per lift, in the same amount of time and with equal perceived effort. I also noticed an increase in pump. Pleased with the results! – dirkus27

With the addition of Plazma, I’ve seen increases in size in even the most stubborn body parts. It’s really amazing. The weight for all my sets has continuously increased every workout and the size gains are very noticeable. – JoeAnderson

I’ve been using Plazma for a solid week now and I love it! The best way to describe it is that it keeps you charged up to do more, more, and MORE! You seriously feel as if you could do more exercises long after you’re finished. And recovery? Wow! Virtually no soreness after moving serious weights that should have left me groaning for days. PRs left and right! – Catnip

By basic mix I meant other products which contain mixtures of branched chain cyclic dextrin and casein hydrolysate.

Where lifters and athletes consistently find benefit with Plazma is in enabling markedly harder training with better recovery than would be the case with ordinary supplementation (typical proteins such as whey or whey hydrolysate with carbs such as glucose, sucrose, maltodextrin, etc, with further ingredients such as beta alanine, creatine etc), or if already training very hard and choosing not to change workouts, obtaining markedly better recovery and results.

What we understand to include the reasons are sufficiently providing energy at a rate typically even exceeding the rate of burning, so the muscles are not running at a deficit during the workout as is the case with most workout nutrition but instead are actually getting ahead in nutrients, doing so with optimized carbohydrate choices that avoid bloating and provide carbohydrates at suitable rate and effective delivery to the muscles, and a very particular form of protein which is exceptionally well and rapidly absorbed and is especially suited to supporting the muscles’ needs during exercise and recovery. Namely, the protein is provided in di- and tri-peptide units, which is the form which actually is absorbable by the GI tract: intact proteins or less-hydrolyzed proteins are not directly absorbable. And further, we have found from practice that not all di- and tri-peptides are the same: the composition matters and a lot of work has been put to that. The reason for the customer satisfaction that Chris mentions is that people have consistently been finding it to work very well for them, so it’s not just theory but practical results.

I thought I’d add another quick review on Plazma. I’m currently follow a V-diet with 2 pulse fast days in it. Calories as you can guess are fairly low (sub <2000 calories plus the 2 fasting days where I have 5-6 pulses). Yesterday I did a fairly intense leg session to see how well plazma would work even while consuming low calorie. I can tell you the today I wasn’t too sore, during the workout I still had a lot of energy, pumps were good but not as impressive If i were eating a lot of carbs & I was able to walk out of the gym without limping too much. I’ll also mention I pulsed 3 times after my workout. So in my opinion its powerful stuff & worth it.

I have been on the Reactive Pump program with the Plazma for 4 weeks now and I have gained 1/4" on my bicepes while maintaining the same level or lower of bodyfat. This is with pulse fasting way of eating. Plazma is 100% legit. I feel like I literally cannot get tired in the gym. You can go all out for every set, finish the entire workout and still feel like you can train for another hour. It is an odd feeling. It is not a stimulant feeling either, just a feeling like you recover between sets very fast.

Nice to see Bill Roberts chime in. That guy knows his shit! But seriously, he’s very good at explaining the science behind the supplements in a way that the average joe can understand. Thanks Bill

Thank you for the kind words, DSQ! I’m glad it was of help in explaining. :slight_smile:

I started Plazma last week for CT’s hypertrophy program, I am amazed at the volume I’m able to push each workout and recover for the next day. Yesterday was legs, I think there were 36 sets in the workout. I figured for sure I wouldn’t be able to walk today, but I’m fine and ready to go again. I was using Surge Workout Fuel with MAG-10 for a while, but there is a significant difference with Plazma. I would not have been able to push as hard and recover as quickly with SWF. I’m also on a double dose of Indigo so I’m sure that helps.

I’m 2 workouts into my first bag of Plazma after using a bathtub bootlegger concoction for the past 3 years because I thought Plazma was too expensive. I had been mixing whey protein, powdered sports drink, BCAA & creatine in water. I also take Indigo-3G & Carbolin 19. I’ve done a deadlift workout & a press workout (5/3/1 program). Here’s my early observation:
Pump: like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Made my muscles feel heavier & full like I was gonna tear my skin.
Stamina: here is where I’d quibble with the claims. I actually felt more fatigued on Plazma than I had on my bathtub concoction, but obviously still better than just drinking water periworkout. Not sure why this is. I drank the entire 2 servings (1000 ml) during my workout (didn’t have a serving beforehand). Not sure if that has anything to do with the fatigue.
DOMS: I feel just just as sore the day after.
Mixing: having to mix it in the morning & refrigerate all day while the foam dissipates is kind of annoying compared to just adding water & a quick shake to my old powdered concoction.
Taste & consistency: I love the berry flavor (tastes like jello) and it doesn’t make me as phlegmy as my whey mix did, so for that reason alone I think I’m gonna stick with it. On my old mix I was always hacking up mucous during my workout, sometimes interrupting sets, which was gross.
Conclusion: I’m going to finish the bag. I’ll probably buy another & post again with an updated review.

Plazma is indeed fantastic! My thoughts on your thoughts:

Definitely, I remember the first time I used it and felt the same thing.

Based on your two workouts with it so far, I think it’s hard to pinpoint why you feel more fatigued. Getting enough sleep? Vitamin D? Could be a myriad of things.

At first it seemed that way, but you get used to it. I usually mixed my Plazma the night before I needed it.

Nice! I love mixing Lemon and Lime.

Looking forward to it!

On to my second bag. The first bag lasted me almost 10 workouts. Still getting sore on 2 scoop dose, but I feel fresh & ready to train more frequently, so I ran thru the bag in 3 weeks. I’m leaning out too. Maybe Bc I’m now taking in fewer calories than I was with my old bathtub mix. Best thing I’ve noticed: those days when you don’t feel like training, after a few sips that feeling vanishes. Great stuff. Gonna stay on it. Just wish it were less expensive or came in larger bags.

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I’m a 21-year old college varsity rugby player on a limited budget. I’ve been training hard for about 3 years, my diet is fairly dialed in, but I feel like my training has stalled. I’m 5’ 10" 178lbs at 8-10% BF. I have mixed up diet and routine as well as rest and supplementation without many results. My daily caloric intake, measured carefully, is in excess of 3k.

Recently I have started toying with my intra-workout nutrition and have noticed more energy, less soreness, etc. That being said, I’m using honey and aminos because that is what is cheap for me. Is Plazma worth the extra investment? I am going into my senior year and want to be in as good f a place as I can be.