Plazma with Crossfit Training

Drew asks:

Would Plazma help with my Crossfit training? I read most of your testimonials, but didn’t see any referenced CrossFit style training.

I use i with the Crossfit athletes I’m training; including Alex Vigneault and Carol-Ann Reason who went to the Games in 2015. When I was coaching at the Games I saw other athletes using it (as well as Surge Recovery) but I can’t name them because they are sponsored by other companies and I don’t want to put them in trouble.

And look out for Jason Houde, another guy I work with. He is new to Crossfit, former hockey player. He is Alex V. training partner. 300lbs snatch, 380lbs clean & jerk, 370lbs POWER clean, 355lbs power clean and power jerk and very very good skills. He will be a member of the Crossfit Quebec City team which will have a very good chance of making it to the Games. Jason is a big PLAZMA user… and to train with Alex V you don’t have a choice because its TONS of volume.

I actually feel that the Crossfit crowd is the one that should benefit the most from PLAZMA because of how it improves recovery and work capacity.

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