Plazma While Dieting?

Sorry if this has been asked.

I’m currently dieting for fat loss and am considering the use of Plazma.

Do I need to adjust my food calories down in order to include the supplement calories to continue losing weight?

Thanks for input.

The type of carbohydrates in <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma are largely thermic in nature, helping with fat loss. Combine that with the fatc that’s in nearly impossible to get fat around the peri-workout period and there’s no reason at all to lower the amount of Plazma used when the main goal is fat loss. In fact, many increase it at this time (say, going from two servings to three.) Christian Thibaudeau made some good points about this too here:

"Mistake: Getting Rid of Workout Nutrition Carbs

This is probably the most common problem. I’ve even been guilty of it myself! For a long time carbs were the enemy of fat loss. That was especially true during the low-carb diet craze a few years back. Nobody was as carbophobic as I was. So I do understand the impulse to suddenly stop taking in peri-workout carbs (before, during and post-workout) when dieting down.

Listen, a proper peri-workout formula like Plazma that contains fast acting di- and tri- peptides and functional carbs is your absolute best insurance policy when it comes to preserving (or even increasing) muscle mass when dieting down, so dropping carbs is one of the worst things you can do. If anything you should increase your peri-workout nutrient intake when dieting down. Go ahead and reduce carbs and calories for the rest of the day to get the maximum fat burning effect possible, but leave the peri-workout window alone!

Don’t be afraid of peri-workout carbs (especially the highly-branched cyclodextrins in Plazma since they actually have fat burning effects) as they won’t be stored as fat or reduce your rate of fat loss. In fact, they’ll increase your rate of fat loss by allowing you to train harder and keep your metabolic rate higher."

Now, more to your question, what most people do here sounds a lot like what you have planned: keeping workout nutrition intact and making adjustments elsewhere in the diet for fat loss goals (and tweaking training, of course.) But when it comes to Plazma, you practically don’t even have to “count” those calories, at least not the same way as you would whole-food calories and macros. The macros and calories in Plazma just don’t play by the same rules, so to speak. So it may take a week or so to fine-tune your diet to your needs given these rule-breaking supplements. But overall, yes, just make adjustments as needed to other areas of your diet. You’ll just find that any old ideas like “I need THIS many calories to lose fat” will need to be adjusted given the non-behaving (in a good way) calories and macros in Plazma.

Thank you for the detailed response.

I just ordered the Plazma stack.

One more question if that’s ok:

I wake up at 6am and begin training between 8:30 and 9:30 am depending on the day. I generally like to eat a whole food breakfast. How much time should there be between breakfast and the first Plazma dose?

Thanks again.

There are no hard and fast rules, though you may want to give breakfast an hour or maybe two to digest before having the pre-load of Plazma.

Thank you again for the responses

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