Plazma vs Surge Workout Fuel and MAG-10

I put something about training in the biger faster leaner forum today but am now wondering. I live in the UK so shipping is an issue and hecne can’t afford masses of w/o nutrition. I’m planning a 20 week gain/ cut and am torn between options

Option A - Plazma at 2 servings a session and nothing else

Option B - 1 or 2 serving Surge Workout Fuel and 2/3 servings MAG-10. This will be mainly the smaller doses but I can afford to buy enough to mean that a fair few sessons get extra nutrition as I want to use it.

I’ve used MAG-10 and Surge before and results were really good at these sort of doses. I apprecaite people are really liking Plazma a lot but given the additional nutrients I’d get which actually is the better option as costs will be basically identical?

Bang for buck, Plazma is amazing,

Short on bucks, I found that SWF and MAG-10 do the job. Not as well, but still… it’s pretty damn good.

Just my .009 cents (im canadian).

Both are good choices given your limitations, but we’d suggest leaning toward option A.

Plazma is the superior peri-workout supplement, and many people find that just two servings of Plazma (one pre-loaded, one during training) is all they need. That’s still a very potent amount, and most people fine it’s superior to Surge Workout Fuel even when using only two servings of Plazma.

I used to use SWF combined with MAG-10, now I use 2 scoops Plazma, and sometimes a FINiBAR before. Even without the FINiBAR, 2 scoops plazma is 80g great carbs and 30g protein, I like it better than the SWF and MAG-10 combo. SWF and MAG-10 are great together, but I definitely feel the difference with Plazma, especially with recovery. Plazma if you can get it!

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