Plazma™ vs. Micro-PA®

Fingerle asks:

I’ve done a lot of research on your products and like them a ton. I’m just curious to which one has more serving/will last me longer. I’m heading overseas in a few weeks for the army and wil not be back for a while.

Should I get the Plazma™ Reactive Pump vs. the Micro-PA® 120 capsules for the same price? They both seem to do the same thing for you. Just hit me up with some knowledge please. Thanks, look forward to hearing back.

One bag of Plazma has 20 scoops and people use 1 or 2 scoops per workout (1 scoop can be fine for “easier” workouts or smaller body parts). You only take it on days you train, so that’ll determine how much you go through. Micro-PA has 20 servings (6 caps each) and you take it every day, so that’s just about 3 weeks.

Definitely not the same thing. Very, very different ingredients (totally unrelated, actually) and different purposes/effects.

Plazma is a workout drink. Fast-acting protein, efficient carbs, and a few other ingredients to maximize recovery from training and improve performance during workouts. It’s protein and carbs that fuel hard training and end up being turned into new muscle tissue.

Micro-PA stimulates an enzyme that helps your body respond better to training by building more strength, more muscle, and dropping more fat. But you still need to have your nutrition in place to get results.

Long story short, Micro-PA is great stuff, but Plazma is much more fundamental and wins in the “one or the other” contest.

This article talks more about why workout nutrition is a better starting place.

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