Plazma vs MAG-10 to Pair with Indigo-3G


My budget, at the moment, allows me to only get Plazma or MAG-10. Which should I get first to combine with Indigo-3G?


I’d say Plazma regardless of whether you’re taking Indigo. Those who are much smarter and more experienced than I would say that intra-workout nutrition should come first.

People like to take Indigo before their intra-workout nutrition (Plazma) to make it more effective. As usual, wait for a response from Bill or Chris, but I think they would agree.


I can’t speak for the T-Nation people, since I don’t work there, but I think the answer to your question depends in large part on the nature of your workouts. If you primarily do intense weight training, then Plazma is probably your better choice. However, if your workouts are mainly conditioning in nature, then MAG-10 may be a better option.

MAG-10 also can be used for protein pulsing, which has benefits regardless of training methods. You might want to re-post and include more details of your goals and training, so a considered response can be given to you. Good luck!


[quote]indosurfer12 wrote:
My budget, at the moment, allows me to only get Plazma or MAG-10. Which should I get first to combine with Indigo-3G? [/quote]
Yep, like the guys said, Plazma is definitely ideal to stack with Indigo. It’s best used for weight training workouts though, so Mag-10 would be a better choice if you’re looking for something to have before or after a big surfing session. (Wild guess, seems like that might be your thing.)


Very much agreed with dhinckley: it will depend greatly on your workouts.

Since you’re comparing on a budget, let’s make the comparison at equal cost.

At three scoops per workout, for Plazma three bags (for example) will cover 20 workouts. This might be five weeks, if training 4 times per week, as an example. We could figure it per month but for this example, hopefully 5 weeks will be fine.

Three bags of MAG-10, at two scoops per serving, will provide 78 servings. Over that same time period of 5 weeks, that’s a little over 2 servings per day.

If weight training isn’t going to be amped up to be as productive as you can make it, and that might be the case for many reasons – more priority to various aspects of fitness, more priority to fast cutting – then having two servings per day of MAG-10 will do more for you.

But if your weight training will be done for maximum results, using Plazma to support your workouts will provide more benefit.