Plazma Usage and Timing Other Meals

I’m going to give Plazma a go. I usually have breakfast at 7, another feeding around 10, and then train at about 11:15 AM. I spoke with a rep and they said it’s ok to start preloading Plazma around 11, and that post workout I can have a meal or supplements according to my personal preference. Seeing that my sessions are usually under an hour, I’ll begin with one dose and go from there.

The rep told me to basically change nothing from my usual routine and just add Plazma. Some of this went against what I originally thought, but I’m going to follow the experts. If anyone else has some advice with this, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Sounds like you’re on track. Have some Plazma around 11, finish the Plazma while training 11:15 to 12:15ish, and then around 1:30 or so, have either a protein drink like Mag-10 or eat some good protein and carbs.

This article might help clarify some things:

Thanks for the advice and for being specific with times.

This stuff is legit. I read around and I am front loading the dose, so I’m finished about 15 to 30 minutes into my training. The pumps are unbelievable. I wish I could afford more of this stuff…may have to figure out a way how to…

I agree…it isn’t bull shit what they say in the store, I literally NEVER want to workout without Plazma again…just ordered Indigo 3g tonight, going to add it and see how far I can get :slight_smile:

Really great to hear both you guys are digging the results. Keep it up.

Maybe think about starting a log in the Training Log section, or tossing up questions in the rest of the forum to handle any general training/nutrition questions that come up along the way and keep the progress going.

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