Plazma Timing

I’ve been doing V-Diet for about a week now, having great results so far. My only issue I’ve had is because I work out in the morning before work I drink Plazma before anything else, I drink 1 serving on my ride to the gym and 1 during my workout, when done I shower and get dressed and drive to work, from the time I’m done with Plazma until I get to work is about 25 minutes.

Once I arrive at work I unlock the doors and whatever is needed to start the day, so all in all I go about 1 hour between Plazma and first shake. I literally have to fight off puking every morning that I drink Plazma because of this. I think it is because of the Plazma on an otherwise empty stomach. Should I drink my first shake before my start Plazma or should I pack a shake in the truck and drink immediately after 2nd dose of Plazma?

Long winded question I know, but I wanted to make sure whoever can help has all the info. Thanks!

Not sure why you’re having stomach issues. Plazma is perfectly fine on empty, fasted stomach. Assuming you’re already following label instructions, I suggest adding more water than you’re currently using. Try 750 to 1000ml instead of 500ml per serving. We’ve only seen a handful of people that get stomach issues with workout nutrition drinks and adding extra water fixes them 90% of the time. So try that first.

The second option would be to have one scoop of Metabolic Drive upon waking. Count this as part of your daily total. As for post-workout, it’s fine to have Metabolic Drive 30 minutes post-Plazma if that helps.


Thanks for the input, this morning I tried 1 scoop Metabolic Drive right when I woke up, then Plazma, and then 1 scoop MD about 30 minutes after workout. No stomach issues at all. I will continue with this protocol from now on.

Awesome, glad that helped.

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