Plazma Timing to Conserve It


Working with athletes I use Plazma, Surge Workout Fuel and Mag-10 with several protocols and timings.

Some kind of athletes are lazy to prepare all drinks: mix, pour the sweetener, clean the sweetener because it is always a problem and drops etc. Another situation is when they are around a game, event or something that could delayed the preparations when they travel with the team and everyone is watching them it is difficult prepare all drinks.

My question is if I can prepare several bottles with 1 serving of Plazma, Mag-10 and Surge Workout Fuel for a 3-4 days so the athletes have everything ready to drink and accomplish the timings for their strength sessions, pulses, games, field training, traveling after the games, and so on.

If it’s too long 3-4 days could I use some preservative on each bottle to delay degradation?


Hmm. I seem to recall Bill Roberts commenting that a premade Plazma/Mag-10 could hang out in the fridge for up to 48 hours. It could have possibly been 72 hours?

I routinely use something I mix up the following day.


Thanks for replying.

I’m not sure yet. But the idea comes from the individual bottler Biotest is doing for some special clients, so you can get several bottler about 500 ml with one serving of Plazma ready to drink, but they could use some preservatives.

Anyway if Biotest guarantee 72 hours it could be awesome.