Plazma, Surge Recovery & Mag-10

What is the best protocol for these 3. Surge Recovery right after the workout and Mag-10 30-60 minutes later with a solid meal an hour after that? I’m wondering if I even need both the SR & the Mag-10. Maybe the SR after met con or cardio and Mag-10 after the wts?

I’d use Plazma pre/during weight training, followed by Mag-10 an hour later. I sometimes follow that up with a second serving of Mag-10 an hour after the first after a particularly grueling session.

I’d even opt for Mag-10 around your metabolic conditioning work too.

If you’re using Plazma, you really don’t need Surge Recovery. Surge Recovery is the OG, effective workout formula. Plazma is the update.

OK, got it. Thanks.

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