Plazma Shelf Life


I have an opened, sealed 1300 g bag. There is a manufacture date of 01/16 but no expiration date printed. What is the shelf life? In other words, if the bag is stored in a cool place, how long can it be used? Thanks.


What do you mean by opened, sealed bag? Do you mean you opened it previously, then closed it and it’s been sitting in the cabinet ever since? If it hasn’t been opened yet I would assume it’s fine. You could also call Biotest customer service if you have a question like this. A real person always picks right up, they’re extremely helpful.


Hi - Can’t believe I made such an obvious typo. I meant unopened, never opened. I can give Biotest a call but thought I would try here first.

Thanks for the reply.


Gotchya! If it’s unopened and still factory sealed, I think you’re good to go. I don’t work for Biotest, so please feel free to call customer service if you want to. If it were me I’d use it.


Agree. Thanks again.


I just checked and the bag of Plazma that I’m currently using, which I got a few months ago if I remember right, has a manufacture date 12/16, so you should be good to go. I’m pretty sure, but not 100% certain, they used to have “best by” dates on them for like two years or so. I could be thinking of one of the other mixes though.

I’m also pretty sure one of the reasons they switched from the jugs to the bags was that it kept longer in general since there’s less air in the container to degrade it. So, yeah, give customer service a buzz if you can, but I wouldn’t expect any issues.


How the hell are you stretching a bag of Plazma out a few months?

I was looking at getting stocked for training supps to start a growth phase after my V-diet and I’m not sure I can afford all the plazma I’m looking at.


I see how it could read like that, whoops. I meant I had gotten the bag a few months ago but only recently opened it. I’m not always good with rotating fresh supps, so sometimes I grab newer stuff from the shelf before older ones.

One way to stretch out Plazma is to go one-scoop on workouts that are lower volume or lower intensity. Depending on your split, it’s a good way to still benefit from getting “enough” good stuff.


OK, so you’re not going to win stocker of the year working for the local supermarket I guess.

What are the timing consideration for Surge Recovery and Surge Workout Fuel.

Is the Surge Workout Fuel similar in timing to the Plazma and then you’d take the Surge Recovery post-workout?

I’m trying to get a sense for supplement timing needs for training/non-training days.

I’m sure someone has covered this in a log or other post somewhere so maybe I just need to search but your input would be invaluable.

Thanks @Chris_Colucci