Plazma Scoop Question

Sorry for asking a dumb question. I’ve been using MAG-10 up till now (as my workouts haven’t been that intense), and I was mixing up my first dose of Plazma to use tomorrow, when I became confused by the directions. The label refers to one serving as 65 g., but doesn’t mention how many scoops this is. Is one serving equal to one scoop? Also, the scoop has a line around it at the level of the handle. Do you fill the scoop to the line, or to the top of the scoop?

One other question: Plazma instructions refer to 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of flavoring whereas MAG-10 instructions say to use 1/4 to 1/2 capful. Is a capful equal to a teaspoon?

I just throw in scoop fulls and just tip a bunch of flavor in…

  1. A serving is about level to the top of the scoop. But it’s most accurately measured by weight (65g).

  2. Those are probably pretty close. I haven’t done this, but I suppose you could pour up a capful, transfer to a measuring spoon and compare.

[quote]tsantos wrote:
I just throw in scoop fulls and just tip a bunch of flavor in…[/quote]

Yup. Exactly what I do :smiley:

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