Plazma RTD?

Did I just see…a picture of Plazma RTD in the Store?
It was followed by the words that drive me nuts: OUT OF STOCK

Looks like you did. We’ll have more info at a later date.

Did I just see lime flavored Plazma RTD?
Not in store…will it be available?
Truth be told…I’m not a fan of the berry flavor at all. Lime on the other hand…Holding back on an order until this question gets answered.

Also…Plazma RTD is a decent idea. But MAG-10 RTD is really where it is at. I really hope these are in consideration.

We made some lemon for Mark Dugdale, Amit, Ben, and John for the Vegas event. Will it become an RTD flavor offered in the store? That’s up to Tim Patterson. Think there’s a demand for lemon or lime RTD?

(I know it’s my favorite. Natural lemon oils… Mmmmmmm.)


  • 1 for lemon or lime MAG-10 RTD

I say there is a solid demand.

I enjoyed the Berry, especially icy cold. I think lemon would be great.

Lemon or Lime RTD would be excellent. No…it would be outstanding. Even Orange would be good too.

Been using the Plazma RTDs on days I’m in my work area but can’t be in my office. Again, would rather be using a MAG-10 RTD but one gotta use what one has. Really like this…but want to reduce my carb intake during the day.

RTD’s are just so damn convenient for situations like this when one is simply on the go (in my case, from one meeting to another). I don’t do this all the time, as I’d rather use the powder and mix my own when I can (the RTD’s do have a bit more of a bitter aftertaste to me…but again, that could be due to not being able to adjust for taste via additional water and flavoring, the big advantage of the powder).

Lemon lime is my favorite combo.

[quote]Ripsaw3689 wrote:
Lemon lime is my favorite combo.[/quote]

I’ve heard of people mixing the two flavors. I have lemon and considering buying lime to see how this anabolic 7-Up tastes…

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