Plazma Recipe 1800mL, But Only Use 1500?

Looking at the Plazma mixing instructions, they lead to making 1800 mL of Plazma. Yet the dosing for a weight training session is 500 mL before the workout, then another two 500 mL doses during the workout, leaving an extra 300 mL of Plazma each time work out.

Given that budget issues seem pretty frequent in this forum, is there a set of mixing instructions, or an alternative scoop that we could use (I know, I had to ask) to only make 1500 mL each time, so as not to waste 300 mL of it each time?

Use 500ml per scoop of Plazma. Adjust the amount based on personal preference and length and intensity of the workout.

Drink 500ml of Plazma 15 minutes before training.

Drink the rest during your training.

BiP summed it up well. Not sure where you’re getting 1800ml.

Here are the label instructions.

By the way, I tend to add a bit more water to my Nalgene after I drink the first 500ml, usually topping it up from 1000ml to 1200ml. Sometimes I top it up again later if I’m running out and still got a bit to go.

There is no problem with using extra water, unless it causes you issues. So always go by number of scoops. E.g. if your final mix is 1800ml and contains 3 scoops of Plazma, then 1 dose is 600ml.

Again, BiP brings up a good point. Use as much water as you want, the labels reflect minimum amounts only.

And you’re not “wasting” anything; you’re using the same amount of Plazma and extra water. Unless you’re not drinking it?

Aha, that all makes sense.

I got the 1,800 from the instructions on the Plazma Super Stack page:

That’s probably a typo.

In any event, I was being too literal about drinking each dose at 500mL, and I lost sight of the notion that it’s the powder that’s important. I did imagine just not drinking what seemed to be the extra 300mL.

That’s me being silly.

Thanks for setting me straight!

UPDATE: For website correcting, it’s also on the Plazma page

So…This is my first day using the Super Stack. Just to be absolutely clear, since the instructions don’t draw it out for me…3 doses is 195 grams is…3 scoops? So one scoop per dose…

…Part of the reason that I wanted to make sure is that that Plazma scoop is the biggest scoop I’ve yet seen in a Biotest product. So 3 scoops in the initial 750 mL of water is a lot of powder in that water…

(I just want to make sure I’m not using too much of the stuff…)

Yes, 1 scoop = 1 dose = 65g, so 3 scoops = 3 doses = 195g. Use about half to two thirds of “target” water amount, shake, then once the foam clears top up to full, which in your case will be 1500ml.

Will the foam actually clear?

The instructions says that, after adding the flavoring, gently swirling then letting the mixture sit, the foam should clear within 60 seconds.

Attached is a picture from waiting 14 minutes, and the foam that’s there just doesn’t look like it’ll ever go away (like, within the next half hour).

Is this as it should be? or am I maybe doing something wrong? Sorry for being such a stickler for the minutiae, but being new to this process, I want to make sure I’m doing it right and looking for the right markers along the way.

14 min seems a bit long. How much water did you put in?

I usually do EXACTLY the following, see how it works for you:

  1. Pour 1000-1100ml of cold water into Nalgene
  2. Add 3 scoops Plazma
  3. Shake
  4. Get the rest of my gym stuff ready (takes about 5 min). During this I sometimes GENTLY flip the bottle a couple of times. Not sure if it helps but might.
  5. By this point most of the foam is usually gone (maybe about half an inch to an inch left) and I top it up to 1500ml.

I often still have a bit of foam when I get to the gym, but that’s mostly because the bottle moves around quite a bit during the 30 min walk there.

See how that works for you. I wouldn’t worry about a little bit of foam, but as much as in the picture can be annoying.

Thanks for taking the time to detail your process. In that picture, I had 750 mL of water and 3 scoops of Plazma, shaken vigorously (and lots, as I kept seeing floating clumps of Plazma in there), as the instructions said for the first go. The foam was so much, that when I opened the bottle to add the flavoring, the foam was overflowing out of the bottle. After adding the flavoring, I closed it back up, did a little more up-ending/swirling. Add 14 minutes, and there it is.

It got a little less crazy after another 15 minutes or so…maybe half the foam in the picture.

I’ll try with more water to start, as you use…though that might make the foam a little crazier when I open the bottle up for the flavoring…

I did eventually pour it out into a 1L bottle to take to the gym with me, and that left the foam in the Nalgene bottle…but I’m going to need something else, because I’m going to need to up the water volume past 1L…Turns out this stuff doesn’t taste very good…(and I’ll definitely add more than the indicated amount of flavoring).


I think you may be shaking the bottle too much at first. I know I did when I began using Plazma and MAG-10. Over time I’ve found that just turning the botlle over and back fairly vigourously four or five times is enough (for both Plazma and MAG-10), and doesn’t cause nearly so much foam.

The little clumps of Plazma you see in the bottle at first usually dissolve out on their own after you add the flavoring and additional water and for me they are always dissolved by the time I get the bottle to the gym and begin using it.

Normally I mix everything up the evening before and leave it in the frig overnight, though even when I have mixed it up just before going to the gym it has always completely dissolved by the time I get there (takes me about 30 minutes to get to my gym).

Also note that the foaming amount is somewhat dependent on the relative hardness or softness of the water you are using in the mixture. That in part explains why results vary so much for different people in different locales. You might experiment with filtered water and see if that works better for you (in my area it does for me, and tastes better too).

Thanks dbickley! I was absolutely shaking the bejezus out of it. I’ll definitely try your advice of taking it a little easier on the shaking.

I’ve always had the same foaming problems. If you follow the directions on Plazma exactly, the foam takes anywhere from 20min to 45 minutes to clear completely. A far cry from the 60 seconds on the bottle. I just mix in advance and keep in the fridge or a cooler bag

I’ve been relaxing a bit on the shaking and on making sure every last clump was gone…and being a bit more tolerant with foam being around. With all that, it’s been taking less time. Maybe 10-15 minutes? I’m also getting better at interleaving MAG-10 prep with it, so the overall prep time for a workout is getting to be a bit less…

I like a little foam. Makes me look rabid on deadlift day. :slight_smile:

Is it ok to make night before to let foam go to zero?

I remember back in the day folks said not to let creatine sit too long as it would denature. Don’t know if that was true or not.

Yes, you can make before.

Or, I mix initially into a very small volume of water. This can generate much less foaming.

I typically make my batch and put it in the freezer about 30-60 min before I’m ready to train so it’s ice cold and the foam is gone. I haven’t found much else besides time all that effective for reducing the foam.

I believe creatine in water will eventually change to creatinine, which you do not want. There is no creatine in Plazma. If you add it yourself and want it to sit over night, just add the creatine before you starting drinking it the following morning.

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