Plazma Question

blainekaltman asks:

I was thinking of trying to the Plazma/Indiog-3G/Mag-10 Pulse Protocol laid out in John Meadow’s reactive pump training article. But I have 3 questions:

  1. Is this just for gaining size? I’m trying to get ripped for summer. Would I be better off taking a fat burner (Hot-Rox)? I’m currently 175 lbs, 5’9’’. I can see my upper abs but am still pretty far from the six pack, which is my main goal (with out losing too much size off my arms;) So what do you recommend.

  2. If I do go ahead with Plazma…I train at 11:30 AM. Would you suggest breakfast at 8 and a Mag-10 pulse/nuts around 10? Or try to get in 2 meals before training?

  3. If I intermittent fast (I’ve had some luck with that before when it came to getting more ripped), would you still recommend the Plazma? Or Mag-10 prior to work out? Or just take 10 grams BCAA’s and a fat burner, which is what I did in the past.

Thanks in advance for answering all my questions. I’m a fan of T-nation and your products.

  1. All three of those supplements can be used in a mass phase or a fat loss phase.

  2. Either way is fine. The important thing is to get in the pre-load serving of Plazma then the intra-workout servings. Ideally, a serving of Mag-10 post-workout is best.

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