Plazma Preparation: Foam and Taste Problem

I got my first order of Plazma and Mag-10 yesterday. Today, pre-workout for the first time I tried to prepare 2 doses of Plazma, as instructed on the package:
130g Plazma in 1000ml water (1000ml bottle)

2 issues:

  1. the foam: it never cleared, not even after an hour.
    Maybe I have shaken too vigorously?
    When I removed the cap from the bottle several minutes after shaking a lot of foam came out… spilling the Plazma :confused:
    Then I put in the flavor as instructed.
    Then it was time to workout.
  2. the taste: I added “berry flavor”, but the taste was very sodium and acid-like, very hard to drink for me.
    I had a normal workout, but the taste of drinking the Plazma during bothered me all the time.

Post-workout I prepared 1 Mag-10 dose for the first time (35g in 500ml water).
Same problem: a lot of foam that never really cleared.
Although a bit better since I did not dare to shake so vigorously.
I added “grape flavor” this time, but I also found this taste very nasty…

Any advice? What am I doing wrong?
Shake less? Use a bigger (2000ml) bottle for the 2 doses of Plazma, to prevent it from coming out after the shake? Preparing it more in advance to clear the foam… after hours…?
Same question for Mag-10… Our is it just supposed to be that way (too much foam and nasty taste)?

“While the mixture is still foamed, pour in 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Biotest®t Intensified Liquid Flavoring and gently swirl the contents until thoroughly mixed. Allow the flavored mixture to clear the foam and form a semi-transparent liquid. The foam should clear within 60 seconds.”

What did I do wrong if the foam does not clear after 60 minutes?

Would preparing it (2 doses Plazma) in a 2000ml bottle and adding water to fill the bottle completely be a solution? IF so, more water isn’t probably any problem for the 2 doses?

Over-shaking can cause more/longer foam, so not going wild with the mixing can help. You can try using more water if you want, no problem there. Or you could try the other side of the coin and mix the powder with as little water as possible, shake it up, then add the additional water to fill the bottle.

Some people also just make the drink the night before they need it and toss it in the fridge to let the foam die down. As long as you use it within 24 hours, it should be fine.

As for the flavor, it’s kind of an individual thing so it’s not an exact science. Some people prefer more liquid flavoring than suggested on the label, some people actually use none (that’s insane and not advised), some mix flavors like half a cap of one and half a cap of another. Personally, I like at least half a cap of flavoring but no more than two caps total if I’m mixing.

The liquid flavoring is designed to be potent, so you should need “a lot”, but “a lot” is kinda subjective to your own taste buds.

I’ll give it another try tomorrow.
Thanks for the advice, Chris!

As you recommended I mixed the Plazma powder with as little water as possible, I shook a lot less vigorously, I added 1/4cap of one flavor and 1/4cap of another flavor, and then added a lot more water to almost 2000ml.
This worked out much better for me: less foam, much nicer taste.
Thanks for the advice!
And, most important, I had a very good workout :slight_smile:

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