Plazma or SWF for College Athlete

Hey Biotest team, I have a question, I’m a college athlete and as you can probably guess, my budget is tight. I’m looking to get stronger and add muscle this off season, I currently use Surge Recovery post-workout, and use a combo of gatorade, and egg whites for my pre-workout nutrition. I’m looking into taking either Surge Workout Fuel or Plazma before my workouts, but my question is would it be more beneficial to use just one serving of Plazma (instead of the recommended two in order to save money) or would I be better off using Surge Workout Fuel pre-workout? My main goal is strength and power development if that influences which I should use as well.

Thank you,

Really, either of those approaches would be solid. Surge Workout Fuel is often used as a “budget-friendly” Plazma, especially since it just got reformulated it’s even closer. You wouldn’t be sacrificing much by going with the Surge Workout Fuel, and you’d have a little more money to allocate to eggs, rice, beef jerky, and everything else a growing dude needs.

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