Plazma or Surge for Cyclists?


Hello…there was a story about a cyclist in the description field of Plazma of a cyclist given a special formula by Tim Patterson in a mountain ride and he performed at much higher levels than usual. Was it Plazma or Surge that he took? I am a recreational cyclist that also trains with heavy weights like lunges and dead-lifts.



Plazma and Surge Workout Fuel have some similar ingredients, and Surge Workout Fuel was originally designed for endurance training, but the mountain biking example is from Plazma.

If it’s in the budget, because Plazma is best of the best and legit top of the line, go with Plazma. Otherwise, SWF (Surge Workout Fuel) would be the next best bet. Both of them could be used for weight training or cycling, just tweak the dosing according the the activity like the labels recommend.


thanks Chris…I am trying the ketogenic diet and was curious how much does Surge and Plazma spike insulin levels?