Plazma or MAG-10 for Cardio?

So, I’ve strained some tendons in my arm and intend to use this time of forced “rest” to do a little fat burning. I have started attending a “boot camp” workout 3 mornings a week. I have a goal of getting to 150 pounds with less than 10% bodyfat by the time I’m 50 which is March of 2016. I am now 133 pounds and about 15% bodyfat. I’ve lost about 25 pounds of fat while gaining about 7 pounds of muscle since starting back in mid Feb.

My question is: to maximize fat loss without losing muscle, what supplements should I take in conjunction with these workouts? I was thinking of taking a dose of MAG-10 before and after rather than Plazma in order to avoid the carbs. I will continue to take the Plazma before my stregth building weight-training once I can. I have on hand: Indigo-3G, Plazma, MAG-10, Finibars, Metabolic Drive bars, Surge Workout Fuel (not the newest formulae) and Metabolic Drive.

First, keep in mind that due to the thermic nature of the type of carbs in Plazma, it’s practically impossible to gain fat from them. Your body simply does not treat them the same way it does whole-food carbs. This is one case where simply looking at the grams of carbs listed on a label doesn’t apply. “A carb is not a carb” as we used to say.

But that aside, if these bootcamp workouts are shorter and more cardio/metcon focused, <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10 is indeed the best choice.

Ok, thanks. Yes, its about a 30 to 45 minute fast paced workout. Is the timing important? I don’t eat breakfast. How long before workout should I drink the first serving of MAG-10 and should I wait an hour after W/O to drink another?

30 minutes pre. Would be a good idea to have some intra as well.

Since fasted metcon or cardio work can lead to muscle loss and metabolism slowdown, then yes, timing matters here. Have a full serving of Mag-10 about 15-20 minutes prior to training and another “pulse” or serving right after.

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