Plazma + MAG-10 Too Much for My Stomach

Not sure why but my stomach cannot handle MAG-10 on top of Plazma (2 doses Plazma while Training followed by one dose of MAG-10 an hour later…one or the other by itself is fine) and I’m simply going to have to cut one of them out of my regimen. Recommendations? Pros/Cons or work arounds?

Thanks in advance,

The small number of people who have issues with Plazma or Mag-10 can usually solve the problem easily by using more water per serving. The amount listed in the label is a minimal and you can add more if needed. That solves it 99% of the time.

Also, make sure you’re using the pre-load serving if Plazma. It’s the most important one. (You didn’t mention a pre-load, taken 15 minutes before training.) Try one pre-load serving and one serving consumed during training. An hour later, one serving of Mag-10. Use extra water in each. If that works out fine, you can add a second serving during on days where your lifting sessions is tougher or longer, though many find that just two servings – one pre-load and one during – works very well for them.

Thanks Chris, I guess I should have been more specific. To that end I take one liter of Plazma with me to the gym, drink 500ml 15 mins prior, add 200ml water, and finish the residual 700ml during my Training. The MAG-10 dose one hour later is three scoops in another 700ml.

I can scale back to one dose of Plazma, with one normal dose (two scoops vice three) of MAG-10 and some extra water, but I wonder if that’s enough to cover a solid Training session…

A serving of Mag-10 is two scoops in 500ml of water. So you’ve actually been going over by a scoop and making it more concentrated than the label calls for (even with the extra water you add, which isn’t up to par with label recs.) There’s your issue right there.

My head hurts when I do too much math, so I’d just suggest following the label guidelines on dosing Plazma, with the option of using only the pre-load serving and 1 serving intra-workout. You’re unnecessarily complicating the dosing and could be getting the concentration wrong.

Yes, I was intentionally watering down the Plazma a bit and trying to get a little more protein out of the follow-on MAG-10 dose. Will scale it back and test the results. Appreciate the advice.

No problem. And keep in mind that the type of protein in Mag-10 can’t be counted the same as the protein in solid foods or even protein powders. The particular di-/tripeptide mixture found in Mag-10 produces effects in muscle that go far beyond simple amino acids from other protein sources.

Peptide structures have biological activities beyond regular amino acids. The peptide structures in Mag-10 also have biological activities above and beyond regular amino acids. Only 20 grams of protein from Mag-10 stimulates protein synthesis to a far greater degree than what you would get from 100s of grams of “standard” protein.

So, no need to over do it.


Thought I’d let you know all is well with this protocol now. I’m watering down the Plazma and MAG-10 a bit more and have reduced the MAG-10 dose from three scoops to two. No problems since then.

Two more questions though:

  1. I just ordered my first round of Indigo-3G. Curious as to how well it’ll work for me. Might Surge Recovery not be better post Training, rather than MAG-10, for the extra carbs?

  2. My morning schedule is pretty fixed. Following the label instructions I would take Indigo-3G at about 0515 on workout days, followed by Plazma pre/during and the MAG-10 at about 0830. Lunch is at 1130 and tends to be pretty carby. Will there still be enough Indigo-3G in my system at that point or might I be better off taking Indigo-3G a bit later in the morning?


Good to hear.

  1. Ideally, Plazma used pre and intra training is superior for Indigo-3G users than just a post-workout drink like Surge Recovery. There’s no need for Surge Recovery when using Plazma and Mag-10. So, you’re well covered.

  2. The most important time to take Indigo-3G is before starting workout nutrition (like Plazma) and training. One serving is “in you” and doing its thing for about 6 hours, though gene expression lasts much longer.

Chris, what makes the pre load dose the most important?

[quote]sideshowdoc wrote:
Chris, what makes the pre load dose the most important?[/quote]

In short, pre-loading the bloodstream with specialized anabolic and insulinogenic nutrients leads to more muscle gains than post-workout nutrition alone. Here’s an excerpt from an article of mine featuring John Meadows:

“Training itself is catabolic, not anabolic,” Meadows said. "There are two sides to the coin, muscle protein synthesis - which is how you build muscle - and protein breakdown, which is where you lose it. I can’t think of anything more impressive that what Plazma has done in this situation.

"You can’t just train hard. There has to be a nutritional component to it. And you can’t just use whey protein, something your body has to digest while you train. You don’t want blood flow being diverted from your legs when you’re doing squats to your stomach to digest a protein shake. And post-workout isn’t enough; you need pre and intra-workout nutrients. In fact, of the three phases of workout nutrition, intra or during is the most important, pre-workout is second, and post-workout is third.

"This is where bioactive casein comes in - the high-grade stuff that’s been broken down into di-/tri peptides. It doesn’t work with the cheap stuff. Plazma puts protein synthesis into motion while at the same time stopping protein breakdown by using the right carbs and aminos to create this awesome insulin response. Nothing is more powerful than insulin at stopping protein breakdown.

“You see, when you’re training you’re digging a ditch. If you dig that ditch 5 feet deep - signifying muscle protein breakdown - you’ve got to build it up 5 feet just to get back to where you started. Wouldn’t it make sense to only dig it a few inches deep, then add a couple of feet back to it? Now you’re building muscle every workout.”

And here’s Dr. John Berardi talking about this way back in 2003 when it first came to light that pre- and intra-workout nutrition was just as important as post (more so, we now know):

“…pre-workout drink containing protein/amino acids and carbohydrates can actually promote a greater anabolic response than what can be accomplished during the post-workout period…
It appears that consuming such a beverage immediately before or during exercise can increase blood flow to the exercising muscles. In addition, since this extra blood will be jam-packed with protein building amino acids and energy supplying carbohydrates, the body can actually maintain an anabolic state during exercise. …it turns out that a pre/during workout drink can actually shift the body into a muscle building state even during the most intense exercise.”

another trick is just Plazma pre/during like you normal do and then have a postworkout MEAL. and 2 hours later have the MAG-10 this help me because i was having the same trouble like you but i use now Surge Workout pre/during and MAG-10 with FINiBAR an hour later and i have no stomach issue even eating a FINiBAR with MAG-10 but i cant do that with Plazma. but for standalone i love Plazma! :smiley: but i fking love the taste of SWF !!! loveeeee it!

[quote]Saeufer wrote:
Not sure why but my stomach cannot handle MAG-10 on top of Plazma (2 doses Plazma while Training followed by one dose of MAG-10 an hour later…one or the other by itself is fine) and I’m simply going to have to cut one of them out of my regimen. Recommendations? Pros/Cons or work arounds?

Thanks in advance,[/quote]
cut down to 1 serving Plazma

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