Plazma / MAG-10 Recommendation for Women

I’m 5’3, 115lbs and 50 years old. Weight train 3x per week and during those days use the Plazma (2 doses) and Mag-10 for my pre and post workout. Used the Indigo-3G previous, but since I don’t eat a lot of carbs anyway have cut them out.

Issue is that as women age our hormones change and I’m having trouble now staying lean, with some gain around the waist. This could also be due to a under active thyroid that I’m getting checked out.

My main question falls around two issues.

  1. on off training days - should I take Mag-10 instead of my typical protein shake in the AM?
  2. If I’m not a high carb eater anyway - should I still take Indigo-3G for potential help in handling insulin better - as this is one issue that a under active thyroid causes is issues with insulin sensitivity.
    Last - would you recommend adding in cardio to lean out, or add in an additional weight day?
  1. Both should be fine, depending on the protein shake quality and ingredients. If you’re trying to lean out, go for the <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10.

  2. Definitely. <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G has a host of benefits, not just involving carb partitioning.

  3. Cardio can backfire very easily, depending on how its done, duration etc. We’d suggest something more along the lines of metabolic conditioning, like this:

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