Plazma/MAG-10 Protocol Questions

Couple of questions concerning my situation and Plazma protocol.

I’m 37 y/o, ~225lbs, ~18% BF. Fat Loss more of a goal. I’m a competitive racquetball player (play 2-3x week for 2-4 hours) and lift 4 times per week, a strength/reactive pump hybrid type program.

  1. I ride my bike to the gym usually. It’s around a 25 minute ride or so. What do you recommend for the timing? I’ve been doing MAG-10 / Finibar, packing up my stuff, riding to the gym. Get to the gym and start drinking the first dose of Plazma while stretching and warming up. Then MAG-10 when i get home and a meal around an hour later. Change anything here?

  2. How would you fuel racquetball sessions?

  3. I play a bunch of “shootout” type doubles tournaments where you essentially end up playing around 5-6 hours straight with random 10 minute breaks. The last few i’ve cramped up towards the end pretty bad (hamstrings, groin, abs, forearm/hands, etc). Tried everything and drank a ton of fluids. Any reccommendations to avoid cramping?

Any recommendations utilizing MAG-10 and/or Plazma/Finibars to fuel the shootouts? I’ve got two shootouts coming up in the next few weeks. The new Surge WOF obviously looks good but wont’ be available then.


Racquetball can be brutal. (My elbows still hurt from my college playing.)

That’s a solid plan. Nothing wrong with that, but if you wanted to experiment with some options, you could have Finibar an hour before your session, then pre-load with <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma before taking off on your bike. During workouts, depending on the length, have another serving of Plazma, maybe two in extreme cases with very long and very tough sessions, then a pulse of Mag-10 after.

We’d suggest using Plazma there as well, but about three-fourths of a normal serving per dose (same amount of water as full serving.) Pre-load with one then have more as needed during. Now, that being said, as you saw we do have a newly formulated and greatly updated <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel coming out soon. Here’s some info for those that haven’t seen it: I bet you’ll find this perfect for sports and tough practices, then save your Plazma for lifting.

The three-fourths guideline for Plazma would also work great for shootouts, with a Finibar before and one during if you have a break. We’ve used these supplements for ultra runners and it worked great. They were using a lot more obviously, but the same three-fourths rules for Plazma apply. Pre-load then have 2-3 more as the day progresses. If you have Mag-10 handy, it’s always beneficial to have a pulse or two after an event, before bed that night etc.

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