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I just placed my order for both Plazma and Mag-10, my situation is I work 12 hour days (Construction Management) and I workout around 7-7:30 PM, I am 255, approx 20% Body Fat, bench 335, deadlift 475, and squat 405. I just started Christian Thibaudeau’s Power Look Program, my questions are as follows: Plazma dosage based on previous articles fluctuates between 1 serving (half within 15 mins of workout), and half during, comparatively recommended dosages is two (1 before and 1 during) for the sake of a young guy (24) trying to save, is one serving adequate? and with the Mag-10 it says to take on an empty stomach one hour after workout (approx 9:30 pm), I crave solid foods post lift, my question is when can I eat real food during my post workout window without harming my Mag-10 absorption (bed by 10:30 PM)?

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for the sake of a young guy (24) trying to save, is one serving adequate?[/quote]
1 scoop of Plazma is better than none, so if that’s all you can swing, it’s fine. Or you might consider Surge Workout Fuel as soon as it’s back in stock. The new formula is pretty close to a “budget Plazma”, and it’s designed for 1 scoop per workout.

That’s the suggested use for Mag-10, but there’s no real wrong time to take it. With how your schedule is, you definitely want a solid meal between training and going to sleep, so fit them in however you need to. Some people even take a pulse of Mag-10 very last thing right before bed, or mix it to have in the middle of the night (wake up to pee, slam back the drink with your eyes closed, go back to sleep). That might be another option for you instead.

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As Chris pointed out 1 serving is better than nothing and also better than anything out there.

I would say that if you can swing 2 servings, or even 1.5 serving you will get better results from the program, especially for the first 2 phases which are higher in volume (total number of reps per session). So the more fuel you give your body, the better your sessions will be.

Furthermore since this is a heavy program the fluids you store inside the muscles, the better your results will be. Storing more water inside the muscles (which Plazma and Surge Workout Fuel do) gives you better strength leverages and joint stability; two things that will allow you to get stronger faster.

As CC mentioned, you could use a combination of Plazma + Surge Workout Fuel for pre and during workout; one serving of each will give you the fuel you need and intramuscular water retention to help you get stronger.

An option without adding Surge Workout Fuel would be to use a higher dose of Plazma for the front squat and deadlift workouts, which require more energy then the two other sessions.

As for MAG-10, if your goal is maximum growth I would use one serving after your workout and one serving 2 hours after the session. Now that might not work since you are training late.

So you should take one serving of MAG-10 post-workout then have a solid mean 60-90 minutes later. I would also suggest taking one serving as soon as you wake up and then having breakfast 20-30 minutes after.

Then if you can add one more serving during the day that can also help (the more the better).

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Thank you for your insightful comments, and timely response, I will most likely alternate between 1 to 1.5 servings of plazma pre/peri workout and take Mag-10 after my workout (8:30 ish) and eat at 9:30 PM.

Thank you for your response, I may consider the Mag-10 option of a late night dosage, or as Christian stated below, take immediately after my workout.

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