Plazma & Mag-10 Calorie Counting


I’m not much of a calorie counter anymore, but let’s say I was. Maybe I WAY overate on Friday and I’ll drop it off Saturday and Sunday doing lowcal and weight training both days:

If you were counting calories in a protein peptide supplement, would you not count or undercount the protein calories in Plazma/Mag10 because they’re predigested and go to the bloodstream? So, you would primarily count the carb calories?

Is that a somewhat accurate statement?


Really, the only calories I wouldn’t really ever count are from basic vegetables (spinach, peppers, carrots, etc.).

Everything else, even fast-digesting protein like Mag-10 or workout nutrition like Plazma, can and should be counted as part of your daily intake. Like, if someone’s doing the 100-gram carb cure where you can only have 100 grams of carbs per day, you’d still count the 38g per scoop from Plazma towards your total. (Of course that runs contrary to the “don’t count vegetables” approach I just mentioned, but nevermind that. Ha.)

I know @robstein has done bodybuilding shows, where literally every calorie matters if you want to end up in peak condition, and (correct me if I’m wrong) I’m pretty sure he took a similar approach counting workout nutrition as part of the daily macros.


@Chris_Colucci thanks for the tag!

@stokton12 - Regarding calorie counting, here’s my .02:

I’ve done 4 shows in the past few years, and on all my preps, every calorie counts, no matter what or where it comes from. The only thing I didn’t count was cals from “free” veggies like peppers, onion, broccoli, etc., BUT, I still weighed them out and ate the same amount every day to make sure to keep things consistent. Workout nutrition was always counted, including the half scoop of Mag-10 I’d sip on while doing my morning cardio.

Protein, carbs, fats, they all count, all the time, and overall calorie count is king when it comes to gaining or losing weight. Getting into macro splits is the next level and will be very beneficial depending on your genetics, insulin sensitivity, etc.

So, to summarize, I’d recommend counting all calories all the time. Please be sure to post with any additional questions!