Plazma, MAG-10 & Built for Bad

I just want to get some feedback on what I am doing and if it is correct. My goals are muscle size and strength. I recently started CT’s built for bad strength circuits. I also purchased 3 bottles of Plazma, and 2 bottles of MAG-10.

My plan is to stretch that out for the six weeks of the program due to financial restraints. I pre load one serving of plasma 15 min prior to warm up as CT suggests and have another dose half way through. I am unsure if I should take the MAG-10 right at the end as suggested in the work out or wait an hour as suggested on the Mag10 container.

I have been waiting the hour and on the 90 percent max days follow that up 1 hour later with a regular meal. On the 100 percent max days I wait the hour have a MAG-10, wait another hour and have a MAG-10. An hour after that I have my regular meal. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Great choices with <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma and <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10! And your budget plan looks solid: 1 serving Plazma preloaded, 1 serving during training, then Mag-10 after. Very solid plan that stretches the budget a bit.

Now, when to take that serving of Mag-10. Right after training and an hour after training both work. Here’s the way I look at it: For those using 3 servings or more of Plazma, wait an hour after training for the post-workout serving of Mag-10. Lots of Plazma still in you doing its job. For those using a smaller amount, like just one serving of Plazma during training, have the Mag-10 a little sooner. Think about it: you’re finishing the Plazma sometime during training (or at least you should be - you want it “in you” then you want to jam it into the muscle with lifting.) So let’s say your intra-workout Plazma is gone and you train another 25 minutes. Have your Mag-10 about an hour after you finish your Plazma, not an hour after you leave the gym. See the difference?

But don’t fret the exact minute; it’s hard to STOP Plazma and Mag-10 from working, even with slightly varying methods.

Chris, thanks for the reply. I have been taking the Plazma, and the MAG-10 for a week. I have been doing the bbc workout for about a week and a half. I started the first week slowly as I am getting a little long in the tooth. All of my previous posts have been questions. In this one I want to say how good I think the plazma and MAG-10 are.

I have been taking supplements for a very long time, and have tried many different types. Plazma and the MAG-10 are def high on my list of supplements that work. It has only been a short period of time using them but I have to say I am very happy with the results so far. Just my two cents

Awesome, keep us posted!

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