Plazma, Mag-10, and Intermittent Fasting

Curious what the thoughts would be on the best approach. I’m under no illusion that I require 3 doses of Plazma, but because I’ll have typically been in a fasted state for about 16 hours, I’ve been going with it. Curious if it may be more “effective” to go with 2 doses of Plazma peri-workout and then 1 dose of MAG-10 an hour after workout instead?

Most <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma users will also have a post-workout pulse of <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10. Whether you use 2 or 3 servings of Plazma depends on the length and intensity of the workout, maybe even the body parts trained (legs = more Plazma, arm day only = most people could use fewer servings.)

But being in a “I don’t want to grow a lick of muscle” state – i.e. fasted – you’ll definitely want to pre-load with Plazma. That’ll be your most important dose. I’d suggest two more servings given your diet, then a post-workout hit of Mag-10.

Thanks Chris. You’re suggesting staying with 3 doses of Plazma with an additional of a dose of MAG-10 an hour after?

Another question I’ve always had is since it takes on average 2 hours for blood amino levels to dip down after a spike/pulse, wouldn’t it make more sense to wait 2 hours after a workout has been completed to dose again, instead of only one?

Yes, given the I.F. plan. And while this isn’t part of the label directions, you might experiment to see how taking a larger pre-load serving feels. 1.5 X let’s say. So you could do 1.5 servings for the pre-load then one serving during training, then post-training Mag-10 pulse. I’m just thinking out loud here but it may be worth tweaking.

We’ve found it best to use Mag-10 about one hour post (assuming something is being used intra-workout like Plazma) then another pulse of Mag-10 about an hour after the first if you’re using that protocol. You may be ready for solid food by then though.

Thanks Chris. I’ll have to try that approach with my next session.

Ideally what I would like to try is:

MAG-10 pulse every 2 hours in the morning and afternoon leading up to training session.

45 min to workout: Dose of Indigo

15 min to workout: Dose of Plazma

During workout: 2 remaining Doses of Plamza

1 Hour Post workout: 1 Dose MAG-10

30 min to solid meal: 1 Dose Indigo

Sounds looks solid, a lot like our Pulse Feast plan by Christian Thibaudeau (though that plan preceded Plazma I believe.)

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