Plazma, Mag-10 and Indigo on Wendler 531

As with all budget is a consideration.

I follow wendlers 531. Currently on beyond 1.2. Which means heavy lifting 3 days a week and weighted 2 milers on the other days.

I’m 5’11" usually around 215 lbs

Rep maxes I’m working off of are:
Dead: 450
Squat: 390
Bench: 290
Press: 185

I eat roughly:
225g protein
300g carb
90-100g fat

Looking for advice on peri workout nutrition on lifting days? I’m hoping to take indigo, plasma, and mag10.

Also any tips on the other four days as far as mag10 and indigo.

Let me clarify a little.

I want to get the most results from my three hard training sessions.

Would it make more sense do use more plazma along with indigo and ditch the mag10? Or stack all three. And I know the labels give directions just looking for tips given the type of training sessions.

Thank you!

Plazma during lifting sessions is basically a must, especially if you’re using Indigo since it give s it the best nutrients to work with. I’m not sure what “more Plazma” would be, but 2 scoops is a standard dose for most lifting sessions. You could drop it down to 1 scoop for one of the “easier” sessions (easier, of course, being a relative term. Whichever session is lower intensity and/or volume that week).

Right before and during training is the only time you’d have Plazma. It’s not something you’d have, like, between meals or whatever. So it doesn’t function as any kind of general protein shake. It’s specifically workout nutrition.

If you want to sort of double-down on recovery, adding a pulse of Mag-10 once or twice a day (like before bed or ASAP after waking) would be the best bet. It also fits well after training, like Wendler suggests. Mag-10 is also great during conditioning sessions, like those weighted walks.

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Great. Thanks for the help.

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