Plazma Liquid Flavoring

Have been using plazma and mag 10 for quite some time now. Just noticed on the flavoring it says not to exceed 2 table spoons per 2L. Why? I have kind of been dumping in random amounts of flavoring. Have I been wasting product? Harmful?


I never actually noticed that label comment either. There’s definitely nothing in there that could be “harmful”, but it is pretty potent as a sweetener so I’m guessing that’s just a guideline as to the max flavoring most people can tolerate. Use too much and you run the risk of making the drink undrinkable, which would then be a waste of whatever you’ve put it into (the Plazma, Mag-10, etc.), and that would hurt.

Flavors and tastes obviously vary person to person, but I find 2 cap-fulls (not sure what it works out to teaspoon-wise) to be my own limit. And that’s when mixing flavors. I find I use less overall when I use just one flavor.

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