Plazma Isn't Going to Last for the Whole 28 Days

I’m a little pissed right now. I just realized that there are not enough servings of the Plazma to get me to the end of the 28 days. I followed the directions to the letter. Today I saw that there are only 20 servings in the bag yet I need 32.
Customer support told me that some people only use one serving on the light days. Why is that not mentioned in the ebook?

Any Ideas besides ponying up another $70?

Anybody have a solution for this problem?

Using 1 scoop on the light workout days and 1 or none on the V-burn days is probably the best solution to stretch out the bag. Not sure why it’s not more explicit in the manual, but it comes up once in a while on the forum (that’s why we have the forum) and doesn’t seem to be a major issue for most people.

At $70 a bag, it’s an issue for me. I have enough for 4 more servings and still have 7 more workouts to go. They go out of their way to explain just how hard this diet is and how many can’t do it, but this important detail is left out.

I really like T-nation and regularly talk up the website, but I’m not happy with this at all.

I’m a blogger (I don’t have a big audience yet) and I have at least a dozen people that are waiting for my endorsement to pull out their wallets. As of now, I can’t give it. You got my $350 but as it stands I’ll let them know of this major issue.

Hi everyone I just started my V-diet an hour ago! very excited to see what the next 28 days has for me. I did my homework last night to make sure I followed the diet to the letter and I also discovered that I now need to order an extra bag of Plazma! I really thought I was all set but it kinda took some excitement out of starting the whole diet. for me its not the money so much as it just feels like I did everything perfect and yet there is not enough product to complete the mission so I do feel let down already. just as a suggestion perhaps when ordering the “complete” V-diet the first question should be are you a male or female? then add the second bag of Plazma for the male orders, I’m certain you will add the extra fee for the Plazma but at least you wont have a bunch of disappointed customers either.

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[quote=“cjscuba, post:4, topic:6848”]
You got my $350 but as it stands I’ll let them know of this major issue.[/quote]
That’s fair, as long as you also let them know how much fat you lose and how effective the plan was/will be overall.

The truth is we don’t have a bunch of disappointed customers. Tons of people have followed the plan and made it work, either by adjusting things on their own or by posting here and getting feedback. It’s not like every V-Dieter ran noticed the problem and said “WTF?”

I agree with you guys that it can be confusing the way it’s currently written in the book, but it really isn’t an insurmountable obstacle. As was said, the best solution (other than picking up more Plazma, which you should still be using after the V-Diet anyway) is to make the easy adjustment to the dosing per workout. You won’t be sacrificing any of the plan’s effectiveness.

I think the point is being missed here. I was doing the diet as prescribed. Had I known ahead of time this would never have been an issue. The ebook needs to be updated to reflect this so that others can plan ahead and not find out at the last minute that they should have been doing this all along.

As for the weight loss, I will absolutely talk it up. I have lost over 12 pounds of fat and put on a little more than a pound of muscle. The product definitely works and I will not hold back on that. I will mention many other benefits of the program such as sugar cravings become controlled. I have a better understanding of how planning plays a crucial role in not letting stresses in your life dictate your diet.

Having said that can we admit there is a need for a change to the ebook. There already exists a section for tweaking it. So let tweak the ebook to reflect it.

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