Plazma instead of SWF

Looks like SWF is out for a bit and I was thinking of trying Plazma in the mean time.

My current protocol was/is 2 scoops of SWF during my workout and a serving of Surge Recovery after my workout.

Should I still use Surge Recovery after my workouts while i’m using Plazma or should I save it for when SWF returns?

Of course another option is that if Plazma alone is better than SWF + Recovery then maybe making the jump to Plazma isn’t as bad financially.

To sum up should I use

Plazma solo

Plazma + Surge Recovery

And is Plazma > SWF + Recovery


[quote=“SelfInflicted, post:1, topic:5996”]
To sum up should I use

Plazma solo[/quote]

You could, but it’d be redundant. Like training chest with barbell flat bench, incline dumbbells, and dips, and then finishing with a set of 20 basic push-ups. Some people do it, but you’ve already gotten the job done well by that point.

Hands down, yes. They’re almost like three tiers of products. Plazma is king of the hill with the most advanced formula. Surge Workout Fuel is actually a fairly close second, and Surge Recovery is the old school workout formula that’s been truckin’ along and doing it’s thing for like a decade.

Each one is designed to stand on its own, so waiting to go “all in” with Plazma is the best bet.

A couple of years ago, SWF went out of stock and I switched to Plazma, haven’t looked back since. Plazma is really the one stop shop of workout nutrition, and with the addition of the protein (same kind that’s in Mag 10), you should notice improved recovery as well, I know I did.

If you were choosing between SWF+Surge Recovery, or solo Plazma, my recommendation would go with Plazma, and enjoy your post workout meal 45-60 minutes after your session.

Good luck, be sure to keep us updated when you get it!

I ran out of Plazma last week before Thanksgiving and when my Biotest order came I realized I ordered two Mag-10’s instead of two Mag-10’s and one Plazma. I went back and ordered Plazma knowing it would just be 3-5 workouts before it arrived and it would be no big deal.


I felt like death after my first workout. OK, maybe it was just a bad day. Felt the same after my second workout. OK, am I sick? Third workout yesterday, same result. I am absolutely positively convinced that Plazma is the difference and that it allows me to train AND recover from intense workouts significantly better. I cannot wait for it to be delivered this week.

Bottom line, Plazma allows me to train harder and longer hands down.

As for what I would recommend, Plazma pre/intra and Mag-10 PWO. It simply doesn’t get any better.

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