PLAZMA in the Refridgerator

I made up a batch Sunday anticipating my Monday training.
Unavoidable issues prevented me from training both Monday and Tuesday.

The package reads “good for 24 hours in the fridge”. Does that mean the liquid is no good now?
I just hate throwing it out, but if its effectiveness is gone I will.

I used Indigo alone for three months, only added Plazma and MAG-10 10 days ago. I can already see a positive change in my physique, especially on my back and belly.


Personally I would use it.

The potential problem is microbial growth, rather than degradation of the product.

If you did not introduce pathogenic bacteria into it when making it, none have grown in it now.

It’s one of those things that can be a personal-responsibility decision, but as broad advice to give to thousands of people, the answer needs to be “not past 24 hours,” as the label says.

I personally always semi-freeze my PLAZMA and MAG-10 so that it’s almost like a slushie/Mr.Freeze pop. I let it melt a little and have it like that. Always works as it’s supposed to.

Good to know. It’s the peptides that do the magic.
So blending the MAG-10 into a smoothie is OK too?How you ingest it doesn’t matter, it’s that you do that matters, right?

Pretty much yes. The exceptions I’d add are first that for training it is very, very worthwhile to take in the amount of water on the label directions. The most convenient way is to have that amount mixed into the MAG-10, but if good about making trips to the water fountain and drinking plenty, it can work fine to bring MAG-10 to the gym in a more concentrated form and get the added water separately.

For use during the day, water amount can be as desired, and slushies, smoothies etc are absolutely fine.

And second, saying what I complete expect you know but to be complete, blending the MAG-10 into a formula that’s otherwise a bad idea nutritionally would while not ruining the direct effects of the MAG-10, could work towards reversing the benefit. An example of bad usage would be routinely blending into orange juice and as a result drinking say 2 liters a day of the juice, which would be far too much sucrose and fructose for the day. I don’t think you meant anything like that, but just to be complete because there are many readers. Some types of smoothies I would avoid for that reason, rather than from the MAG-10 itself being harmed.

My smoothie has no added sugar, some frozen strawberries, water, unsweetened almond milk, ice, blended in a Vita Mix.
But mostly, I follow the other exact directions on the label. The foaming is an issue, but it subsides after a few minutes.

I will mix Metabolic Drive into a smoothie, but I won’t mix MAG-10 or plazma, label directions all the way.

As far as the OP question. I’ve been there, I drank it, I was fine. They used to sell Plazma as mixed “ready to drink”, so the only concern really is bacteria, and it’s the fridge so yeah you’re fine.

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