Plazma for Track and Field Runner

I’m not a weight lifter, but a french master track and field runner, 60 years old. I’m interested using Plazma and Mag10 but I don’t know if this is a good stuff for my discipline.
Of course I’m lifting a bit but my hard workouts are on the tracks, preparing for 400m races.
Preparing world championships in 2017 I need something that can improve my resistance sessions.
Thanks guys.

You don’t have to be “a weight lifter” to benefit from Plazma. If you’re lifting weights at all, Plazma is perfect to have during those workouts. That’s what it was specifically designed for.

To help recover from the track workouts and perform best while running, Surge Workout Fuel would actually be the best choice because of the formula it contains. It’s similar to Plazma, but designed a little bit more for endurance/conditioning work.

Thanks for your answer.

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