Plazma for the Average Lifter

6’1" 205 ~14% BF…Lift weights 5 times/week–Push Pull routine. Typical training session is 45min to 1hr. My questions is whether Plazma can benefit a Non-bodybuilder average lifter like myself? Or, are some of the Surge products more suitable?

I noticed that a lot of the testimonials here are from professional hardcore lifters, which prompted my question.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

There are a handful of pro bodybuilders (John Meadows, Mark Dugdale, Amit Sapir) that use Plazma, but the majority of reviews are actually from regular folks who train hard and do everything they can to reach their goals.

This thread from a few years back was entirely non-bodybuilders talking about their results with Plazma. Most everyone on the forum here, actually, isn’t a pro athlete or competitive bodybuilder.

Comparing Surge Recovery, Surge Workout Fuel, and Plazma is like comparing a barbell/power rack setup in your basement vs a Gold’s Gym membership vs a Gold’s Gym membership with a top trainer and personal chef. As long as you’re putting in the effort, any choice will get you closer to your goals, but the top shelf pick isn’t only reserved for elite athletes.

Thanks Chris…Understood!

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