Plazma for Rehydrating?

I’ve got a meet coming up in a couple of weeks and I’m going to cut about 5 pounds of water weight to make weight. I’ve done this before and I always seem to have trouble getting all of the weight back by the time I lift (I have a two-hour weigh in). I’ve noticed that Plazma makes me crazy thirsty post-training and also that I seem to hold water for at least 12 hours after taking a serving. Can I use it to rehydrate after I weigh in? If so, what’s the best way? I’d like to bloat back up as much as possible.

Plazma doesn’t cause “bloating” but it does hydrate. Start with a serving right after you weigh in. Ideally, have that serving with a <a href=""target=“new”>Finibar, which is highly effective in pulling water into muscle (when consumed with fluids) for a superhydration effect. Have another serving or two of Plazma before the first lift and Plazma/Finibar between events depending on how far apart they’re spread.

CT recommended this to my for my last powerlifting meet:

"I would have 2 servings of PLAZMA in 1000ml of water after the weigh-in, 2 other servings 1 hour after. Then every hour 1 FINIBAR + 2 scoops of MAG-10 in 1000ml of water. And a large pizza in the evening (but not too late to be able to get some sleep… not that you would sleep much anwyay, but still). "

It worked really well for adding some weight and “bloat” from the carb up and salt.

Thanks guys. I’m considering doing a 24hr weigh in (I can pick between that and a two-hour weigh in) and eating a Pizza the night before to top off the Plazma + Finibars. Is there any reason I shouldn’t start with Plazma after being a bit dehydrated? I’ve always used water immediately post weigh in and then moved on to Gatorade.

There’s no problem starting rehydration with Plazma.

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