Plazma for Jiu Jitsu?


Hello all, in the past year or so I’ve been training hard in BJJ. I wasn’t much of a fatty when I started, maybe 16% - 18% body fat at 190 pounds and 5’ 9". I was strong and thick but also a little chunky for sure.

Anyway, due to the jiu jitsu I dropped 30 pounds of muscle and fat in the last year and shredded up pretty good. I can see my abs for the first time in my life at 40 years old. Drilling and sparring is an incredible workout and tests cardio, strength, coordination, flexibility, mental fortititude and a bunch of other things I’m sure.

At any rate, I miss the muscle I used to have and would like to be able to bulk back up a bit because I still get tossed around a little by the bigger dudes. I eat quite a bit now to maintain what little muscle I have but need something to provide a little bulk. Would Plazma do the job? I would give anything to get back around 175 pounds and lean.

I train BJJ 3-4 times a week for about two hours each time. I fit in a kettlebell workout once a week, a weight session once a week and do one hour of yoga on Sundays. I’m a bartender, so my job is pretty active. I also have a dog that I walk twice a day for about 2-4 miles. I’ve got an insane output, I know. I’m wondering if there is any hope for weight gain? Should I just be happy to be lean and healthy?

As a historical aside, I’m a classic ectomorph. Before I started lifting weights twelve years ago I was a sopping wet 130 pounds. I used to eat whatever I could get my hands on in order to gain weight. Now I eat super healthy.

Any advice is much appreciated.


To gain weight, you need two things: Proper training stimulus and ample calories. Unfortunately, it sounds like both are missing for now, but that’s fixable.

To put on size, you need to lift. Instead of a kettlebell session once a week and a weight training session once a week, I’d go for hitting the weights twice a week with a good plan. This is a good basic template.

Something like this diet plan, making sure the quantities are enough that your weight moves up each week. If you’re “an ectomorph” (which is a term I super-disagree with), then you need to pay that much more attention to getting at least 3 good meals (protein, good carbs, and healthy fats in each meal) 7 days a week.

With everything you’re doing, I’d rather invest in as much Surge Workout Fuel as you can swing. It’ll be great during the lifting and during the BJJ. It has similar ingredients to Plazma, plus some that help with endurance/conditioning work like a long, tough BJJ class.

Workout nutrition like Surge Workout Fuel is fundamental to maximizing recovery from training, so getting that in order will definitely help work towards putting size on.


Thanks for the advice, man.

It’s weird, putting weight on was so easy but with this crazy output I just get leaner and leaner.

So kettlebells aren’t the best thing for putting on weight even if I go heavy with low reps?


They can work fine. I misinterpreted “kettlebell session” for a higher rep snatch/swing workout. If you can do work that challenges you in a 6-12 rep range to get some volume in and hit the basic bodyparts, it can work fine.

Also consider posting in the Combat forum to get more feedback about balancing your training with the BJJ work from other martial artists (including some competitors).

The main thing really is about determining your number one priority, and then trying to tweak the rest of your training/lifestyle to not detract from it. Like, finding time to squeeze in calories at work, maybe not try to strictly eat “super healthy” and not be afraid of a bacon cheeseburger once in a while, definitely get some calories when you roll.

If your school allows, have a serving of the Surge Workout Fuel throughout the class, the same way some guys might have Gatorade. If you can’t have it during class, have it on the drive there to load up beforehand. Munch on a cheese sandwich while you’re walking the dog. Whatever it is to add calories to your day.

I don’t believe in the “ectomorph” label. It really is a simple matter of consistently taking in enough calories to make the scale move each week. That might be significantly more calories than you’re taking in now, but it’s 100% possible even if you’re doing a lot of stuff during the week.


Thanks again, Chris. I guess I’ve just got to get into that “stuffing my face” mindset again.

Here’s my kettlebell routine.

light warm up consisting of light jog and some 1/2 power sprints
windmills 3x5
turkish get ups 3x3
A-10x3 swings
B-5x3 double kb thrusters
A-5x3 single arm snatches
B-10x3 Russian lunges
A-5x3 renegade rows each side alternating
B-10x3 high pulls
Some weird, hellish pilates shit my workout partner makes me do

On Thursday’s BJJ class we do an out of the ordinary conditioning routine which consists of isometrics? Where we hold at certain percentages and then hold for 100% of our squeezing power. So
we do wall sits where we squeeze our legs for ten second intervals 5x
Tug of war where we go from 30% squeeze to 100% with good form 3x each side of the rope
Pushups to failure but 10 seconds down, 10 seconds up. The best school time for this is 6 minutes, which is insanity
Planks with the same idea–a normal plank, then squeeze everything for ten seconds, back to plank, squeeze etc.
Supermans, 4 seconds up, 4 down x8
Burpees depending on how much he thinks we’ve tried that day

This is such a strange, grueling workout. I wonder what type of effect it has. It’s not something I’ve ever encountered or read about before.