Plazma™ for Adding Muscle and Losing Fat

S_smith2793 asks:

I’m looking to add about 10-15lbs of muscle while also losing fat. I recently ordered the Plazma™, will that do the trick or could I add something else to it?

For sure it’s a great start. 10-15 pounds is a lot of size though (depends a bit on your current condition - height, weight, bodyfat), so your training and nutrition have got to be dialed it.

But Plazma can improve recovery, performance, and growth, so you’re covered on that end. If you’re currently carrying some body fat, you might consider Indigo-3G to act as a nutrient partitioner that can help your body handle carbs better. That way you can fuel workouts without having to go low carb.

If you’re starting on the lean side, Micro-PA would be a good addition, especially if you include some classic bodybuilding training with plenty of time under tension to maximize the effects.

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