Plazma for a 2 Mile Race?

I do an annual Turkey trot 2 mile race and I’ve tried different pre race strategies and I was wondering if plazma would be beneficial or overkill pre race if it would help then should I follow the one dose 15 min prior to the race or is that too much fluid pre race ?

Surge Workout Fuel is more specifically designed for endurance-type work, so that would be the better option. But of course… SWF is out of stock now. Not really sure if it’ll be back in time for turkey day.

Plazma is a similar-but-different formula and it’s definitely better than nothing or just Gatorade/whatever, but the rule of thumb with any athletic event is to never try a new approach on the big day. Take the plan for a test run (no pun intended) well beforehand so you can adjust and dial-in the volume and dosing.

A 2-mile run is, what, 15-20 minutes? So you don’t need to go crazy with high doses. A scoop before and one during should be plenty. You could also think about having a Finibar before and one serving of Plazma during. You can add a little more water than usual to each serving, to get squeeze a little more out of the hydration benefits.

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