Plazma Dosing on a Budget?

Due to financial constraints I have recently had to cut back on the amount I spend on supplements. I would still like to use plazma and mag-10 and have been experimenting with dosing in order to still fuel my workouts. Currently my workout nutrition looks as follows:

30 Min Prior-Cliffbuilders Bar(20g Pro/30g Carbs)
Intraworkout- One dose of plazma
30min to 1 hour post workout- Mag10 pulse

Is this still useful or am I just wasting the product? If it helps my current goals are to get back to where I was. I am coming off a cartilage tear in my sternum and have gone a little soft haha. Im looking to get back to my previous strength levels while leaning out a bit before I focus on a mass building phase this coming fall.

Thank you in advance

Using just one scoop of Plazma isn’t wasting it, but you could be timing it better. The pre-load is important, so have half the serving, or most of it, about 15 minutes before training and finish it during the session. Ditch the Cliff bar or push that back even further, like an hour or so before the Plazma (an hour and a half-ish pre-training).

The Mag-10 after training is spot-on.

Agreed, or better yet replace with a Finibar. Cliff uses soy protein as the first ingredient, tons of syrups and stuff, none of which is going to help with your workout. Finibar has great functional carbs and whey proteins, they’re also pretty darn tasty.

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