Plazma - Do People Ask What You Are Drinking!?


Time for something funny. For all the folks that seem to like or know about t-nation, I seem to be the only guy I know of at the gym that uses Plazma. Folks look at the bottle and ask with a puzzled look “what is that!?!?” If it’s blue raz, they ask if I’m drinking Listerine; orange, either beer or piss. I tell them it’s Dial hand soap and that I’m doing a cleansing diet I read about on the internet- almost believable. Anybody else get these questions!?


Ha, nice.

I actually use a metal Sigg bottle, so it’s not really apparent whether I’m drinking water, soda, or lime green Plazma.

But for a while I was using a 2-liter Snapple bottle and never managed to get questions even when I had a murky greenish-grey concoction (some weird flavor combo I don’t even remember plus the old school Power Drive)