Plazma + BCAA?


I am a little bit confused about the Plazma label and what it actually contains. I get the whole proprietary blend thing, and don’t object, but I want to know what else I need to consume. Surge has a very transparent label, appears to have more ingredients, etc.

So here are my questions:

1- Does Plazma contain BCAA? Can/should I add BCAA? Would it mess up some kind of balance?

2- Does Plazma contain citrulline malate, beta alanine, glutamine, or any other common, non-stimulant preworkout ingredients?

3- When is it best to take creatine with Plazma?

4- Are there any ingredients which are counterindicated? I know there are several things to avoid when taking Indigo, so just checking.



All of the listed ingredients are what is in Plazma, it just doesn’t list the exact amount of each one.

Yes, Plazma contains 15g of hydrolyzed casein protein. You do not need to, and shouldn’t add, extra BCAA.

Looking at the ingredients, Plazma does contain citruline malate. It does not contain beta alanine or glutamine, but it does have betaine anhydrous and everything else listed on the ingredients list. A mod may correct me here, but beta alanine and glutamine are meant to help with recovery, delay fatigue and increase protein synthesis, and with the 15g of hydrolyzed casein protein (Mag-10) your recovery and protein synthesis is maximized nicely. You do not need to add them to Plazma.

I’m pretty sure you can add creatine monohydrate to Plazma if you like using creatine.

I don’t think so, but I know aside from creatine, Biotest does not recommend adding anything else to Plazma.


I was going to say everything Rob just said. So, um, yeah.

[quote=“BigJakeStl, post:1, topic:6720”]
I know there are several things to avoid when taking Indigo[/quote]
The only things that may interfere with Indigo are concentrated antioxidants (like greens supplements, or high doses of vitamin C, E, etc.) and that’s easily avoided by not having them at the exact same time as Indigo. You can take those types of supps a few hours before or after Indigo with no problem.