Plazma at Night and Lack of Sleep?

Hi everyone!

I’m currently on day 3, feeling loads better today…
Just a quick question, has anyone taken Plazma in the evening?

I won’t be training untill 21.00 tonight… Tbh, I’ve not even noticed it making a difference in my workouts, but I really don’t want to take it and then be awake half the night… I’m already struggling to sleep as it is and over heating!



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Just a quick question, has anyone taken Plazma in the evening?[/quote]
Plenty of people take Plazma when training later in the day. There’s nothing in it that’s anything close to a stimulant, so you’ll be fine.

You could always go the hard way - skip all workout nutrition for a few sessions and let the soreness renew your appreciation for its benefits. But really, what kind of difference are you trying to quantify? Improved recovery between sets and between sessions? Reduced muscle soreness compared to ? An extra rep or two compared to when you were training before using Plazma?

It’s workout nutrition, not a “preworkout” like the kind that are generally marketed which are loaded with caffeine, other stimulants, and ingredients specifically to make your face tingle so it feels like something’s happening.

The reason I said I have not noticed it making a difference is due to the a) the simple fact I’ve never taken any sort of pre workout or workout nutrition, so I’m not even sure of the effects it should have and also b) The First 2 days of this diet , my gym sessions were horrendous, mainly because I’ve been exhausted and hungry!

However, today, day 3, I feel a lot more energised and ready to attack the weights, so maybe I will notice more of a difference…

Thanks for the advice tho.


Yeah, don’t let the beginning of the diet cloud your evaluation of Plazma! Any food/nutrients reduction (especially if it is fairly important) will leave you with less energy at first. That is not unusual.

Plazma is not a “pre-workout” in the typical sense of the word. A typical pre-workout in the training jargon is a stimulant. Obviously with a stimulant you feel… well… stimulated!

Plazma is workout nutrition. It’s effect is mostly in the form of supplying nutrients to the working muscles. So it’s not something you “feel”.

What it does is as you are training it shuttles nutrients INSIDE the muscles being trained. As a result you are sending the material needed for muscle repair/growth directly in the muscle you are training.

So the effect of Plazma are more on how fast you can recover from a workout and now much muscle you will grow from it.

NOW Plazma also has for effect an increase in “the pump” (swollen muscle feeling you get when you train) this is both due to the special carbs in it as well as the electrolyte formulation that both increase muscle volumization during training.

So you should feel a better pump when training. However not everybody is in-touch with their body enough to notice that. Not to mention that when you are on a diet of lowered calories your muscle pump tends to DECREASE. Which might make the increase from Plazma less noticeable.

When you are on a fat loss plan, Plazma will shite mostly by allowing you to keep training hard and building muscle despite the decrease in total nutrients intake during the day.


Many thanks for such a clear, concise response! Totally makes sense now!

Btw- I’m assuming you didn’t mean “shite”?! as that… Well in the UK means shit!

Feeling loads better day 4 in! Still lacking sleep, but that’s probably more due to a December of carb overloads!



It will shite will it?

Gah… Not really into that. Gonna call the FDA real quick.


I thought the scots were always game for trying new things!


Only deep fried things.

I’ve not managed to try a deep fried Mars Bar yet! They any good?

Did enjoy the deep fried Brussel Sprouts at xmas though!


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