Plazma and Surge Workout Fuel

I am going to do 1 scoop of Plazma and 1 scoop of Surge Workout Fuel to save a few dollars. I was going to do Surge Workout Fuel PRE and Plazma INTRA or vice versa. Or does it really matter. I’ve been on Surge Workout Fuel only for about 2 months now and I love it. To say its a poor man’s Plazma is right on. I was on Plazma for a while (great supplement!!) and due to $$$ I switched to Surge Workout Fuel. LOVE IT.

Now my workouts are more Metabolic Conditioning right now and strength isn’t the main focus. Its still in there but not nearly as much as it was when I was on strictly Plazma. Just me 2cents on Surge Workout Fuel. If you need a great workout drink but are in a little bit of a financial bind you can not go wrong with Surge Workout Fuel. I have a little $$ saved up for a tub of Plazma for my next macrocycle but I will have to combine it with Surge Workout Fuel.

[quote]siscokid wrote:
I was going to do Surge Workout Fuel PRE and Plazma INTRA or vice versa. Or does it really matter.[/quote]
For a lifting session, you could actually do Plazma before and Surge Workout Fuel during. I know CT has used this method for some of his Crossfit athletes, too. For a conditioning session like you said you’re doing more of, SWF by itself is fine. Mag-10 would’ve be fine too, but if you’ve already got the SWF, no problem.

The only thing to remember with this kind of approach is that you’re not actually “combining” the powders into the same drink. You’re basically alternating them, or having them individually at separate times. Mixing SWF and Plazma into one drink would be a bad call and would decrease the overall effectiveness.


can the same be said for combining Plazma and MAG-10 into one drink?

yes. Don’t do it.

Not that you asked me per se, but I use Plazma for my ‘traditional lifting sessions’ and Surge Workout Fuel for HIIT or any type of strong man or ‘circuit/complex’ style workouts.

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