Plazma™ and Micro-PA® on Non-Workout Days

tmastel asks:

I have a couple of product questions.

I have been using the Plazma on heavy lift days Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with great results. I also use the Micro-PA. Do I need to use them on non workout days? Why?

Also I am a cyclist and ride on Tuesday and Thursday, would these help on the bike?

Plazma is something you’d only have during weight training, but Micro-PA should be taken daily.

Plazma, not necessarily. Micro-PA, maybe. This thread has a few people talk about feeling more energy/better endurance when taking it.

Really though, Surge Workout Fuel would actually be a great idea during bike rides because it has a similar-but-different formula that can help endurance a bit more than Plazma. It was actually originally designed for cyclists and the formula has been refined and improved over time.

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