Plazma and MAG-10

I’ve read that these supplements have around 20 grams of protein, but it is the equivalent to 100 grams.

Does that mean that you can reduce your other sources of protein on the days you take these supplements, if your goal is to have 1 or 1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight?

If you were at very high protein such as 300 grams per day, I’d have no fear of dropping to 200 if adopting the Plazma or MAG-10.

If at quite moderate protein intake such as 150 grams per day, by no means would I drop 100 grams and go to 50 g.

There fundamentally can’t be a direct equivalence of saying equal to X times of another protein. From the standpoint of already having an ample protein intake, then a modest amount of a protein such as MAG-10 can make a major difference, while several times that of say casein probably would not.

I believe on a normal non-workout day I calculated my grams of protien to be 247. I weigh 221, I’m not a huge believer in number of grams of protein per lbs of bodyweight, but while dieting I think it should be high.

I wouldn’t drop by 100 there either. I couldn’t say a particular number, but certainly if desired there could be some drop in other protein that was greater than the number of grams of added MAG-10 or Plazma protein. I’ve never put a focus into considering what that might be, always tending to view the MAG-10 or Plazma as being improvement.

No plan to drop by a hundred. Trying to get an idea of what others think is a “safe” number I can drop by.

A huge part of this question would be, what’s the application? Is it aiming to gain muscle on an ongoing basis while not letting fat increase much if at all, or cutting? I had the impression you meant cutting but aren’t positive.

For an ongoing basis, on this one what I think should be taken as just another opinion, as I’ll admit in a second that I’m on the side of erring on the side of caution for amount of protein. There are going to be those who have specifically worked with seeing how well reductions work in the context of still seeking to gain muscle. I only ever look at protein reductions in the case of making calories and macronutrient ratios work in cutting.

On the ongoing basis, personally I wouldn’t find a reason to cut total grams of protein on account of also using a very high quality protein, but it could be done.

For dieting, I would approach it as first looking at the carb amount that personally you do best on, then having (considering your size) at least 90 g of fat or so, and I would have at least 200 g protein or at least 30% of calories which likely would work out about the same. Any shortage in calories after this could be made up with either more protein or more fat; if there was room for more calories I’d be more interest in picking up percentage calories from fat towards 40% but past that would be more interested in increasing protein, again only if needed to meet calorie target.

Cutting, I think our numbers are roughly the same on macros.

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