Plazma and Mag-10

Coltman asks:

I’ve been using Indigo-3G for months and am considering adding Plazma and Mag-10, but I am not sure how much to buy for a month’s worth. I am 6’, 215lbs, not fat. I train 4+ days per week.

You can read the servings per container and recommended doses at the Biotest store page for each supplement.

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Just click on “Supplement Facts.”

I did that. Was looking for more specific advice rather than the blanket label instructions.

Hi Coltman,
It would be easier for someone to give you more specific advice if you asked a more specific question, and gave more specific information about yourself and your training regimen. You asked how much to buy, so CS answered your question. What additional information do you want?

For now, look at the label and the macros per serving, figure out how many of those macros you want and have that much. Read the forums to see people’s experience with the amount of servings they use, and suggestions by other moderators, like Chris, Thibs, Meadows, Amit, other customers, etc.

There is a LOT of information about these supplements already available utilizing the “search” button on the top right of the screen. You can pretty much answer any question you can possibly think of for all of these supplements with a little searching and reading.

Good luck!

My first priority would be to use Plazma every workout, and if working out intensively, my serving size would be 3 scoops. (This next part doesn’t apply to you, but might to some reading: A beginner able to train only with light weights and starting with a modest number of sets in my personal opinion doesn’t need as much.)

So 3 scoops a workout, 4 workouts a week, 4 weeks a month, comes to 48 scoops, which is about 2 1/2 containers of Plazma.

If money ran out at that point, this would be a great addition already.

MAG-10 provides 26 servings per container, so if taking one or more servings per day almost all (but not quite all) days of the month, then the number of containers is about the same as your number of servings.

I’d recommend starting with one serving per day: on workout days having it post-workout, and on non-workout days first thing in the morning if convenient, or during a gap between meals if time of arising was not convenient.

After being familiarized with that, it would be optional to add more servings per day for yet increased results. But even one serving per day is a solid addition.

Thanks to those who wrote more than “read the label”.
I didn’t expect to be dismissed summarily, particularly with what this stuff costs.
I am researching the other available information.

i have been taking one scoop of Plazma for the last 2 weeks with workouts (half preloaded and half during) and have so little sorness the next day I feel like I want to go do it again, never been able to do that. I mix one scoop in the 2 liter Nalgene bottle they have with 2 bottle of water. Try one scoop, if it’s not enough move to 2, If that isn’t enough based on soreness…MAG-10 I would order two bags of it. Your going to love the stuff so much 1 serving per day isn’t going to cut it…Plazma and MAG-10 is liquid gold. The two bags should last you the whole month easily. Hope that helps…

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