Plazma and MAG-10 when Weightlifting

I’ve got a fair size stash of the above products that was meant to help me grow a weight class (currently a 77, was going to go to 85 over a few months) but my coach has had an about turn on the plan and I’m now doing a comp in 16 weeks as a 77kg.

After a month of high rep/ short rest/ intensification techniques and a decent 5lbs mass gain (it’s good stuff Plazma/ MAG-10) I’m back to longer rest, low reps weightlifting but want to keep using the above sups. Given the change in w/o parameters I’m not sure its worth maintaing the current dosing peri w/o but what do people think, I was wondering about using 1 Plazma and 1 MAG-10 for shorter, lighter sessions and 2 Plazma for any longer/ more intense sessions as compared to the BB’ing stuff there is no comparison in muscluar soreness.

That sound like a good plan. We suggest always keeping the pre-load serving of <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma. It’s the most important one. For some workouts, it may be all you need, then have a serving of Mag-10 post-workout. For the longer sessions, your plan sounds solid.

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve done a few sums and can essentially do the following over the next 16 weeks

2.5 plazma, 1 MAG-10 for sessions above 100 reps
1.5 plazma, 1 MAG-10 for 70-100reps
1 plazma, 1.25 MAG-10 for short ones below 70 reps

After the quality of training and recovery the last 4 weeks I’m looking forward to this cycle!

Awesome. Keep us posted!

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