Plazma and Mag-10 Timing?


I’m new to Biotest and wanting to experiment with Plazma and Mag-10. After reading many posts and topics, I need help with timing of the two. I wake up at 4 am and I’m at the gym by 4:30. I lift for an hour or so and at work by 6:30. A little help please with doses and timings. Thank you.


You want to start drinking a serving of Plazma 15-20 minutes before your workout, so toss that back around 4:15. If you’re having two servings of Plazma, start sipping your second serving as you start your workout. I like to finish that second serving by about the halfway point of my workout.

Follow that up with a serving of Mag-10 about an hour after your workout. You can also have a second serving of Mag-10 an hour after that to help recover from your most intense workouts. Have some solid food an hour or so after your last Mag-10 serving.