Plazma and MAG-10 Stack

Hey guys, Been off an on on the workouts for a while and getting back on this week. I ordered more MAG-10 (freaking love this stuff), Superfood and Plazma. Planning on taking 2 servings of MAG-10 per day and working out 3-4 times per week. Plazma I think I am going to take 1/2 serving pre and 1/2 serving during at the beginning to see how it works for me. My main goal is fat loss / strength at this point. I am 5’6" and weigh 219 right now. Would like to get down to about 190 or so.

Would taking Plazma just starting back working out after a break help or hurt my initial progress? I will be doing a 5x5 type workout with mostly the big lifts and some accessory work but I am worried since I will be starting with lower weights at first that Plazma may hurt me with the extra carbs? I plan on getting onto Indigo-3G in the next few months once my budget / wife allows it…lol…Any advice you all can give would be greatly appreciated.

I plan on following the pulse feast article that came out a while ago most days due to working shift work as a paramedic…thanks guys.

I’ve been in the same situation as you’re concerned with, wondering whether starting back with much lower weights would mean the carbs in Plazma would be too much for me under that circumstance, though it’s the correct amount when I can train normally.

Coming back from an injury that had me totally out for 14 weeks, my strength was gone and weights were sadly, sadly light. And as full Plazma proved more carbs than I could use, with work being at such a modest level.

For me at that point one scoop of Plazma, two of MAG-10 was appropriate in that circumstance.

I think you’ll be able to judge it by feel. If you feel the carbs are too much while training, then workload isn’t matching the nutrient supply.

When back to being able to work hard, then straight Plazma is the way to go.

To some extent, I don’t know what you mean by lower weights. For some, lower weights for them is still a lot of work and could be supported by straight Plazma, even if in the past they’ve lifted much more. So it will depend, and I’d suggest trying, and noticing if you feel what seems an excess. If not, then it’s fine. Basically if you’re doing hundreds of calories of work, then the amount of carbs in Plazma is called for. If work is less than that, then a reduction makes sense.

ok thank you that makes sense…I am sure the weights will go back up quickly but with my job I can’t chance getting hurt so I will be playing it safe for a bit…lol thanks for the quick replay though man appreciate it

Sure thing!

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